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Integrity & Honesty

I love Trinity Kids for the diversity and the dynamic activities. My son truly enjoys the extra activities offered by Trinity Kids. It gives him the chance not only to learn new skills but also to interact with kids from different classes.

I also appreciate the transparency you all have with us parents, and the amazing team of teachers you have. I feel reassured when we are informed whenever a child falls ill with a contagious illness as we have the chance to decide if it is prudent to send the kids or not to school. It really shows the integrity and honesty with your policies.

I am very thankful for the spirit the teachers have at Trinity kids, they keep me updated with photos, videos and feedback about my son. That definitely gives me a better picture about his development at school. I also admire the dedication, patience and perseverance of the teachers who changed my picky eater to a more open-minded eater. They tried and kept trying different approaches towards my son’s food habits, and now it is easier for us at home to offer a more varied diet!!

THANK YOU!! to all of you for making it all happen!!

Mommy Tatiana, Mother of a child in Nursery 1


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