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Daisy Ng


Daisy Ng, is the founder of the multi-award winning Trinity Kids Malaysia preschool program.


An author of 2 books on child development, Daisy enjoys conducting workshops and lending her voice to learning sessions on education, nutrition and child development topics. She strongly believes in equipping parents with information and helping them make informed decisions for their children's future in education. Her most popular workshops are “Selecting the Best Fit Primary School”, “How to Raise a Multilingual Child”, “Optimising Growth and Health from Baby to Primary School”. Stay tuned to this page for events and talks for parents.

Hello, from Trinity Kids Malaysia!


Known for our primary school preparatory program, we are a trusted brand of preschool that offers services beyond education for your young ones. We are serious in our passion of carving out primary school pathways together with our families & our students. We have equipped hundreds of families with primary schooling information via our recurring primary school webinars over the years.


Join us in our upcoming session!

When: Saturday, September 25 @ 10am via Zoom

(Spots are limited!) 

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