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Best Parenting Book

Best Early Nutrition Book

Voted Winners in 2016 BabyTalk Mama Papa Readers Choice Awards


Dear Parents,


I believe that a wholesome and nutritious diet is essential and goes hand in hand with a great education system. 


Since we started, we have always fed and served children amazingly nutritious food that we cook or bake from scratch. We have increased parental awareness on the importance of a good diet at home and at school. This in turn shakes up the peer practice of offering children processed snacks or imbalanced meals at schools. 


Till today, a wholesome diet remains a highlight of Trinity Kids. We change our menu regularly to rotate in choice, seasonal ingredients and offer interesting variety to our students. We have made culinary class an integral part of our curriculum from as young as Toddler program to instil a true enjoyment of healthy eating.


As Malaysia's First Dr Sears Health Coach (Family & Antenatal wellness and nutrition), I am also a published author of a family nutrition book with MPH. In my book, 'Right From The Start', you will find recipes and science-based advices to optimise health for children from birth to 12 years old, and for the family. The book explains the philosophy behind our wholesome menu at Trinity Kids.


Perhaps, the most distinctive feature of our meals at Trinity Kids is that they are cooked lovingly by mothers for your little one. Always true and always nurturing!


Warm regards,


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