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Our Philosophy

Our Mission

'Established since 2011, we have been firmly guided by the intention to optimise every child's potential through his/her cognitive ability, physical potential and character development.


An extraordinary education prepares our Trinity Kid for a future beyond our imagination.


As our Chinese slogan goes, we hope a Trinity Kid will create a path if he meets a mountain, will build a bridge if she meets the waters. In other words, a Trinity Kid shall rise above the challenges and bridge heritage with innovation.

Our Vision

At Trinity Kids, we want to Impact The World Through Education. 

We want to create meaningful contribution through our service in education and child care.

We want to raise compassionate and passionate children who will in turn make significant contribution to our world.

Our Motto

Our school motto is Be Kind, Be Great.

We want our children to embody our values through our values and virtues education.


We want them to be great, both in character and in achievement.

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