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Memorable Moments at Trinity Kids Family Day 2023

“Dear Teachers,

We would like to express our sincere appreciation for organising the concert and sports day for the children. It was a wonderful event that showcased the talents and skills of the students.

We were impressed by the level of planning and organisation that went into the event. Everything was well-coordinated and ran smoothly. The energy was fantastic and had a carnival atmosphere. All the teachers were packed with energy and filled the sport hall with positive vibes!

The concert left a lasting impression for the children and parents. We know that any hours were spent to practise the song and dance routines. We are very sure that the performance was only perfect because of the patience and effort by the teachers to coach the children. We express our heartiest gratitude to the teachers for your dedication and hard work.

Our family had lots of fun and had the most memorable day. We are grateful and blessed to have such wonderful teachers at Trinity Kids.

Love and Kindness,

A and Family” (From Daddy M.)


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