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Be Kind, Be Great


Our Culture & Values

An Invaluable Values-based Education

At Trinity Kids, we believe in our Values & Virtues education that completes the character and belief development of our child.

Our people are our assets. They in turn reflect our values and shape our culture. Teachers and parents work hand in hand to nurture a child. We hope that a Trinity Kids will embody our values and impact the world.

Our Values

Our Values form the backbone of our Philosophy and we take every opportunity to encourage these qualities explicitly or embedded in activities.

1. Be Kind: We expect our pupils to be kind always, be it in helping a friend in need or speaking positively.

2. Be Great: We want our children to see through a task and deliver excellence in all their endeavours.

3. Have Integrity: We expect our children to be honest and act with integrity at all times.

4. Be Courteous: We encourage our students to be well-mannered, humble and have regards for the needs of others around them.

5. Be Creative: We encourage our children to ask questions, challenge status quo and think outside the box.

6. Lead: We believe that many of our students will take up positions of leadership in future and strive to equip them with an early age experience and nurturing of opportunities as leaders.

7. Strong sense of self: We hope our pupils would have courage & conviction, to have a clear positive inner voice and to always stay true to self.

8. Respect: We want to raise children with respect for parents, teachers, each other, community and the environment. We expect our students to go beyond tolerate but also celebrate difference in views, beliefs, faiths and cultures.

Our Culture

We believe our culture is the reason behind our humble success. Our people is our asset. We build our team and firm based on the following 8 pillars:

1. Impact: At Trinity Kids, we take up causes and provide programs in areas we hope to positively impact in our children and their families. We want to make a difference in the lives of children and create a better world through our services.

2. Excellence: We are goal-oriented and strive for excellence in our service.

3. Leadership: We want to constantly be first-movers and pace-setters within early education in Malaysia by innovating, challenging status quo & pushing boundaries.

4. Diligence: We expect our team to be thorough, motivated, dedicated and passionate in their respective roles.

5. Teamwork: We place an emphasis on the ability to share and work productively in team.

6. Professionalism: We provide training and testing continuously to equip our colleagues with knowledge and the ability to value-add for our pupils and their families.

7. Integrity: We promise to stay true to ourselves and to our families, act with sincerity at all times and create a network of unbreachable trust.

8. Sustainability: We intend to extend our reach of service offering to a wider age group, broader demographics across Malaysia and Asia. We expect to do this in an organic, sustainable and quality-centric manner.

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