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4-6 years old

Our awards-winning curriculum is the first in Malaysia to offer Three First Languages, Singapore math and science. Since our establishment, we have empowered our children and parents to choose the best of all worlds and be ready for all streams of primary school in Malaysia and beyond.

Following our Playschool stage, our Pre-Primary Foundation / N2 class provides a seamless transition to preschool. In this year, our children gain a strong foundation for mastery of core subjects at a preschool level. 

PP Foundation, N2

4 years old

Pre-Primary K1

5 years old

The first year of our 2 years Pre-Primary program, K1 runs at an accelerated pace relative to most other preschools. An entrance assessment is required for a child wishing to transfer into this class.

Parents have the option of an languages enhancement track with extended program to 3 pm.

K2 sees the completion of the preschool curriculum by term 1, followed by primary entrance readiness programs and preparatory class up to standard 1 and year 1-2 in languages, math and science. A 5th term extension option is available for students bound for national schools.

Pre-Primary K2

6 years old

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Pre-Primary Foundation / N2 

Most Complete Multilingual Preschool Program

The first year of our Pre-Primary program starts with a strong focus on phonics and related language building skills, numeracy & key life skills. This is an excellent entry point for pre-primary program as it blends play, knowledge acquisitionand attitude cultivation towards learning.

Pre-Primary K1-K2

(5-6 years old)

Our K1/K2 is an accelerated 24/27 months program that  provides a thorough preparation for pre-primary and the early years of primary. Our unique program includes essential primary entrance assessment readiness training, as well as strengthens trilingual literacy & critical thinking. This is a complete, well-balanced primary school prep program which have successfully prepared students into both national and international primary schools. .

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