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One of the top reasons parents choose Trinity Kids as the first step for their child is our dedication to nutrition. Since our establishment, we buck the trend by creating wholesome and nutritious meals for students that optimises their learning and growth development.
Our menus are designed by Malaysia's first Dr Sears Health Coach (Family Nutrition and Prenatal Wellness) that changes weekly to take advantage of the freshest ingredients.
Our school won the inaugural 'Best Early Nutrition Centre' award in 2016, a nod to our steadfast dedication to improving early nutrition and diets at schools.
*BabyTalk Mama Papa Readers Choice Awards


9 am
Our Breakfast offerings are Oatmeal porridge, Corn flakes and Brown Rice puffs with choices of dairy or soy milk.

Morning Snack

10.30-11 am
Our morning snacks are typically freshly baked rawsome, wholesome cakes and bread that are specially made for nourishing little tummies. We squeeze lots of dense nutrition in our original recipes and deliver them into tiny mouths through egg-less, no sugar raw-some baked goods.


12 pm
Our lunch is frequently the highlight of our child's day. Our amazingly nutritious lunch is always a complete and balanced meal. We choose from a variety of protein (antibiotics free chicken, fish, turkey), legumes, vegetables (varies weekly subject to availability of choice ingredients) and carbohydrates (jasmine rice, brown rice, red rice, wild rice, millet, quinoa, buckwheat, root vegetables, pasta, brown rice vermicelli and more). 
Please note we differentiate lunch menus for <18 m and > 18 m. For the < 18 m age group, the list of ingredients is of a smaller subset to cater to the sensitive needs of infants and toddlers. For the > 18 m age group, our lunch offers variation everyday and intra-day to cater for the discerning tastes and allergenic needs of our children.

Afternoon Snack

4 pm
Our last meal for the day is usually a light offering after nap and before the child returns home for dinner. We offer local fruits and high-iron or wholemeal crackers. Some parents may bring along yoghurt, milk or cheese as supplement at this time.

Our sample menu as follows. Please note that the latest menu is available for families through our app and school notice boards.

2018 Menu.png
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