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8 years, 0 Outbreak, 12 Awards

Dear Parents,

June is upon us and we are pleased to share two great updates.

1. Zero HFMD Outbreak & Transmission

The peak season from March to May has passed and we are grateful that it’s a season of zero transmission and zero outbreak, a significant difference relative to peer schools.

It takes a village to raise a child. With the help from our parents, our teams and our service provider (SmartCoat), we are able to maintain a safe and healthy environment for our children.

2. Trinity Kids Wins 12 Education Awards

As a result of an excellent health season, the teaching and operation teams are able to focus on delivering teaching and care.

In this year’s popular readers choice awards organised by three parenting magazines, we are voted winners in 12 categories.

Most notably, we win ‘Best Playschool’ (every year since establishment), Best Preschool, Best Kindergarten, Best Trilingual Program, and Best Chinese Enrichment Program.

Since our establishment 8 years ago, our families inspire and drive us to continuously improve and deliver consistent service.

We strive to provide a creative, play-based education while at the same time, provide a practical and solid bridge to primary education and beyond.

Big thank you to all our children, parents, teachers past and present. You make us who we are and you shall continue to inspire us.


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