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Onwards to Greater Success

It’s the season of primary school entrance assessment and receipt of offers.

I am pleased to start my Sunday with a piece of good news from a parents that their child has gained entry to one of the prestigious primary schools. It’s notoriously one of the hardest to get in because of the high demand and tough entrance selection. His parents are incredibly proud and likewise, my heart swells with pride at how much progress the child has made in our kindergarten/pre-primary program.

How does this child make so much progress in a relatively short span of time?

In a nutshell, it’s all him - motivation, effort, courage and determination.

Trinity Kids has a peculiar blend of creative and rigorous education. Known for our rigorous pre-primary preparation class, yet we fiercely defend the need for a creative education to raise an individual.

This is because in order to raise a future-ready extraordinary kid, we need to help the child develop his inner resources. His rich inner resources (not headful of memorised stock knowledge) will help him cope with any curveball his future world throws him.

Congratulations again, little N. We couldn’t be more proud of you. You did it! First achievement in the bag, and onwards to greater success.


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