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Salute the Teachers at Trinity Kids

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

'Yes. I really struggle to work from home while taking care of my 2 kids. I need to be staff, nanny, teacher, mummy, cook, etc. Homeschooling is the biggest challenge for me. My hubby need to work throughout the whole MCO period (food factory). Initially I thought it will only be 14 days of MCO, so I let my 2 kids have a 'short holiday'. Everyday we have water play, running, cycling at the car porch, get them to do house chores, etc. Very minimal homework or teaching.

It's only after the second MCO extension that I started them with homeschooling. My printer ink can be finished in one week. It's so challenging to be a calm and patient teacher. Luckily Trinity Kids started homeroom, taekwondo, and morning circle time to fill up the homeschooling time.

I noticed that Trinity Kids afternoon enrichment class for Chinese (SanYu) and Singapore Math (SMA) is very good to strengthen kid's knowledge. I bought an online Singapore Math book and printed out for Y to do, he can finish 4 chapters in less than 30 minutes without much guidance needed. He can also read a lot of Odonata Chinese book and Ladybird (read it yourself series) story book without much guidance.

Luckily he has built a strong foundation in Trinity Kids' afternoon enrichment classes so I vomit less blood. His biggest problem now is that his handwriting is really terrible. So I want him to keep practicing his writing skills on a double line paper.

After I teach my kids at home, I really salute the teachers for being so patient with them.' - CW


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