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Please read through our website and email us to schedule a visit to your preferred branch.


Visit our school with your child to make an informed and involved decision.


Complete the Registration and Enrolment process with payment and attend an orientation.

Please note that we take the security of our children very seriously and do not allow any unscheduled visits. A parent and child visit is an essential step to completing the admission application process but does not guarantee an offer of a spot.

  • 1. How do I enroll my child?
    Please write in to us at with your child’s name, date of birth and the branch you are interested in. We will share more on a suitable program, schedule a visit to the branch of your choice and advise on availability. Please note that we cannot offer a spot if there is no availability. If an offer of a spot is given with the earliest possible enrolment date, please do respond within a week whether you would like to accept or not. The offer expires after a week, to be fair to other waitlisted parents. When an offer is made and accepted by the parent, please proceed to complete application by completing registration form and paying the application fee. The enrolment fee, term fees and deposit shall be payable upon enrolment. A enrolment date can only be postponed/extension up to a month or the offer shall expire, to be fair to other waitlisted parents. Application fee will be refunded to parents. We are unable to accept enrolment application without a visit. Please note that the school has full discretion whether to make an offer and do not have to disclose the reasons behind the decision.
  • 2. Why do parents have to visit with their child?
    We ask parents to bring along their child during initial visit because it involves the child in the decision-making and optimises the chance of a smooth transition subsequently. Over the years, we find a strong correlation between a smooth transition to starting school and a child who has been involved in the school selection process. ​ During the scheduled visit, our Admission Manager will spend as much time as parents and child require on our philosophy, our programs & services, fees and any other questions parents may have. This will give the parents a chance to observe how the child likes the environment. Listen to your parental instinct. ​ Please note that we do not conduct group visit and the visit is limited to one family at a time. We require all adults visitor to provide an ID (IC or passport) to register at entry for security purpose.
  • 3. Does Trinity Kids allow short-term enrolment?
    No, Trinity Kids does not offer short term enrolment for students. This is to preserve the dynamics within classrooms and the community culture of the school.
  • 4. Why is there a long waiting list?
    We have been blessed with strong word of mouth and recommendation that contributes to a waiting list for some of our programs. ​ There is a waiting list for most of the classes and this varies according to the class level, branch and time of the year. We adhere strictly to our students-teacher ratio and prefer one class per level, say one Toddler class, one N1 class etc per branch. Due to the lower students-ratio of the younger age groups, this tends to be the classes that get filled up first. Siblings and cousins have priority as we believe in keeping children of the same family together in the same branch. Priority is also given the families who are transferring across branches for any reasons. Classes tend to be filled up and spots are given out for the year by term 1. Enrolment, however, may be staggered to different entry points to preserve the dynamics within classes. In addition, we limit the number of new students starting to begining or mid of the calendar month. This is to ensure a suitable level of extra attention is dedicated to the new student and to maximise the chance of a smooth transition to the new environment. We limit new starts each month to maintain the existing dynamics of the class. We want existing students to stay happy too! Our objective is always in prioritizing the interest of the children. To first register for the waiting list, we request parent and child to visit the branch of choice. If the parent and child have visited and would like to sign up for a class that is currently full, they can request to be placed themselves on the waiting list. ​ To manage the waiting list, we factor in consideration such as a sibling priority, extended family (cousins) priority, strong recommendation from existing parent and hence progress on the waiting list may not be linear.
  • 5. What is your phone number?
    Please note that we prefer emails for enquiries, due to the volume of enquiries received daily. We communicate with existing parents through Little Lives, email, phone and face-to-face interaction.
  • 6. What are your operation hours?
    Our operation hours are 8 am to 6.30 pm. Our school session is from 8 am to 12 pm, with daycare extension options to 2 pm and 6.30 pm respectively.
  • 7. What is your policy on late pick-up?
    We do not observe a late pick-up penalty as we believe that most parents earnestly endeavor to pick up their child punctually. In the case persistent late pick-ups, we reserve the right to terminate the service.
  • 8. What are your fees?
    Our fees range from RM 3,500 to RM 7,900 per term. There are four terms in a year. The fees vary according to the options selected by the parents. The options available to parents are: frequency of attendance per week, school calendar (number of weeks per year), lunch or full day extension and enrichment activities. Trinity Kids is one of the pioneers in offering a 3 day frequency for school and a modular, personalised schedule for each child. This allows each family to personalize a best-fit solution. There are the application fee, enrolment fee, term fee and deposit (one term equivalent). The deposit is refundable with a term notice or it can be used to offset the last term of school.
  • 9. Is there a sibling discount?
    Yes, there is a 5% discount on the lower payable amount.
  • 10. What is your curriculum?
    Trinity Kids takes pride in its proprietary Trilingual, Creative international curriculum. Our core Playschool & Preschool programs are trilingual-immersive, international curriculum that has successfully prepared children for all streams of primary schools within Malaysia and when they return to their home countries. ​ The Playschool and Preschool programs are offered to children between 2 months old to 6 years old and the medium of teaching is English, with Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia offered as second languages. The Playschool Preschool programs leverage on Wholebrain Learning techniques, follows a core & thematic structure approach and integrates learning through play. Trinity Kids Trilingual Creative Schools endeavour at least 25% of school time to play-based, creative-based and/or social activities. ​ Our San Yu Chinese School is embedded into our Preschool program and also available as an optional after-school enrichment program. Its objective is to prepare children who are bound for Chinese primary schools within Malaysia and to prepare our children to be a linguistic, global citizen. San Yu Chinese School is an extension of the philosophy of Trinity Kids, with a similar inquiry-based, creative-driven approach to teaching. ​ Creative Prepschool is an after-school preparatory program that is offered to children from 6 to 13 years old. The program consists of 5 modules - English, Chinese, BM, Math and Science, delivered in a creative manner to provide learning support and ignite a lifelong interest in the subject matter. In addition, our Prepschool offers wholesome meals, supervised homework time and is a choice of quality, secure care for primary aged children.
  • 11. Do you teach Mandarin?
    Yes, we offer a Trilingual program, of which Mandarin is taught from Baby class to the K2 level. In addition, parents have the choice for their child to learn Chinese as a second language or first language in the kindergarten level.
  • 12. What primary schools do your students typically attend after graduation?
    With a strong foundation of a trilingual world curriculum, our students generally graduate move on to national (Chinese primary or private primary) or international curriculums in Malaysia.
  • 13. Do you offer a trial class?
    As with question 3, we do not offer a trial class to preserve the dynamics within the class.
  • 14. Do you offer ad-hoc drop-in?
    As with question 3, we do not offer ad-hoc drop-in students to preserve the dynamics within the class.
  • 15. Do you accept a child for enrichment activities only?
    Yes. Most of our enrichment activities are operated by third party providers who may have a desired number of students per class. The enrichment activities are prioritized for existing Trinity Kids students. In the event of limited spots, the priority shall be given to that of a Trinity Kids student.
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