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Excellent Communication, Trusted School

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

'I think TKM was one of the first schools to immediately begin with online classes, when the Malaysia Control Order was first introduced.

From then, the teachers have put in a lot of effort to work with the parents in refining the method of delivery and took in feedback well.

However, this just isn't a method of delivery that my daughter has taken well. She loves school, not so much the screen classes. So it is very important for us that the school has robust SOPs in the physical school and continued to offer flexible choice between physical and online classes.

I especially appreciate that TKM has always maintained very clear communication and has been very upfront with any on-going situation. This openness that they have always practiced makes me trust that the school will take all necessary precaution and in the event of anything unfortunate, they would immediately inform me so that we can make any further decision we feel is best for our family.

These are trying times for everyone, but I'm glad for the support that TKM has extended to us and that they have tried hard to make the best out of a tough situation. Thank you!'

Mommy Hana


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