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One of the top reasons parents choose Trinity Kids as the first step for their child is our dedication to nutrition.

Since our establishment, we buck the trend by creating

wholesome & nutritious meals

for students to optimised their learning and growth development.


Our menus are designed by Malaysia's first


(Family Nutrition and Prenatal Wellness) that changes regularly to take advantage of the freshest ingredients.

Dr. Sears Health Coach

Our school won the inaugural

'Best Early
Nutrition Centre'

award from 2016 till now, a nod to our steadfast dedication to improving early nutrition and diets in schools

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Students are served 2 meals a day for half-day program, and 4 meals a day for full-day daycare program.

In school, meals are served to our kids every 2–3 hours throughout the day. This is to ensure a

stable glucose level,

therefore, maintaining a kid’s happy and unfluctuating mood.

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