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Confident Schooling in spite of Covid-19

'I enrolled my child into the Toddler program at Trinity because the school shares my core values. The teachers are nothing but patient, nurturing and caring to my child who speaks very fondly of them.

A year in which we’ve all had to recalibrate time and again, it’s been a comfort to have Daisy and her team of great teachers show up with enthusiasm every weekday morning to greet my child - albeit on the screen of an iPad. This is important because routine and familiarity help to ground us as we are all taken by Covid on a ride which shows no sign of ending soon.

Upon the announcement of the first lockdown, the teachers acted fast and created a volume of digital content in a short space of time to facilitate the transition of physical school to digital learning for many families. I found the support and resources offered by Trinity during these challenging times to be invaluable as it helped my child and I find our new rhythm. It eased the pressure of home-schooling for me by providing a framework to work with and meaningful engagement for my child.

After sheltering for months, the return to physical school was both frightful and exciting. As many of the teachers are themselves parents with small children, they understood the concerns of parents who had to send their little ones to school or childcare in order to go to work. The school implemented strict SOP which not just set everyone’s mind at ease, it protected our families and community.

The team at Trinity has been instrumental in helping many families find balance between life and livelihood during the pandemic. It feels good to be part of a community that cares.

Thank you Teachers and Daisy for your commitment to a brighter future and helping us raise our next generation.'

Mommy Li


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