As parents, constructing our children’s minds is our most important duty.


Hot on the heels of her first child development book, ‘Right From The Start’, Daisy Ng, a mother of three and Chief Education Officer at Trinity Kids Malaysia, follows up with a comprehensive and practical parenting guide covering brain development to mind development through the unique lens of both a parent and an educator.


Highly recommended and critically reviewed by parents, CEOs and parenting experts, ‘Right From The Mind’ provides a research-backed manual for parents today to raise a child who:


  • Builds a close and trusting bond with parents and people around him or her;
  • Thrives in any schooling system or life circumstances;
  • Has higher intelligence and learning ability;
  • Is open and stable emotionally and socially;


  • Is tapped into his or her inner potential and possesses the skill to thrive in the future.

Right From The Mind by Daisy Ng

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