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The Happy Children Speaks Volume of Trinity Kids

'My children have been with Trinity Kids Malaysia (TKM) for a year.

Previously, they were in a daycare and doing fine in the familiar environment. But I was drawn to TKM’s holistic approach in meal plans for the children and the quality of the teaching staff, so I decided to transfer my children to a totally new environment at TKM. It turns out to be the best decision as TKM has offered more than what I’ve expected from them.

The teachers are caring, patient and truly adore the children. We know the children love the teachers too as they are talking about their teachers all the time. 

The team is very efficient when responding to emergencies and enquiries. I like that they are first aid trained. When my children are sick over the weekend, e.g. have an episode of vomit/ diarrhea, I could contact the teachers in-charge on the food they consumed on Friday and they will respond promptly without any defensive tone. When accidents happened, the teacher will inform the parents immediately or as soon as we reach the doorstep (if not very serious), explaining what had happened, how did it happened and the action taken. It gives us parents peace of mind.

A school is not just a place to learn text book knowledge and I’m glad that TKM has a comprehensive program that emphasis on life skills, cultivating the children’s love for nature, culinary, art and music. 

We notice the children at TKM are generally well-mannered, happy and more advanced in developments. One day I saw my child was sharing her snacks with the other older children and I was impressed that the other children asking politely and waiting patiently for the snacks instead of snatching from her. 

A bunch of happy children jumping, running, playing together is the scene that welcomes me every time I pick up my children. It speaks for TKM.

My children are happy at TKM and we are happy parents too, knowing they are in good hands.'

Clare, mom of two at Trinity Kids Playschool


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