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Still on track, no matter what happens

This year has indeed placed everyone in a situation that is full of uncertainty, completely unprecedented. However, there is one thing that is absolutely certain to me which is how glad I am that my child is with Trinity Kids during these times. From how fast the school came up with the digital school at the beginning of the year to the constant revamping and changes made to the manner in which lessons are carried out online shows how dedicated the school and the teachers are in providing the best for their students.

When the school was subsequently allowed to open for its student to attend physically, again the school was quick in implementing strict SOPs to ensure the safety of everyone. Throughout this period we were constantly updated with the school’s plan and also measures taken to ensure all these SOPs are followed and carried out. This gave us the confidence to send our child back to school and he was so glad to be back after the 3 months break.

I could see my child continue to progress so much this year despite the constant interruption and changes in his school routine. This gives me the assurance that no matter what happens in the near future, he will still be well on track in his education path. Well done Trinity Kids team and keep up the good work!

Best regards,

Mommy PL


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