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A Solid Foundation

‘Hi Daisy, I’m happy to share with you. L received her report card today. All her teachers gave very good comments, saying that she is ‘a nice, obedient girl’. Her teacher actually told me her PR (social skill) is very good, she can interact with anyone.

I must say TKM has helped a lot to provide a solid foundation. She definitely builds and develops social skills in TKM. Otherwise, she won’t be able to survive in her primary school. Thank you so much. 😊 I think she did pretty well in her mid semester.’ - Mommy LL

She did more than ‘pretty well’ in that tough rigorous environment!

It brightens my weekend to receive update from an alumni who is currently studying in a prestigious primary school.

We are involved in her journey since she’s a baby and it is so nice to see her continue to blossom in primary school. All on her own no tuition) and with loving support from her involved parents!

We are firm believer in optimising human potential and hence, early learning. Instead of preparing a child to score for an exam, we believe in laying the foundation to instil skills for life.

Don’t give a child a fish or teach her to fish. Inspire her to want to fish and she will figure out how to get the fish.

I’m looking forward to a harvest of fish from this amazing child!


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