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Feature: NurtureForTheFuture Figur8 - Trinity Kids SanYu Chinese Playschool

'Trinity San Yu is operated by the same group that runs Trinity Kids Malaysia – the preschool that G2 attended. Given our positive past experience with the school, I went straight to them with a great deal of confidence in their program.

Anyone who is familiar with Trinity Kids Malaysia and its proprietor, Daisy Ng, will know that their reputation speaks for them. For those unfamiliar with Trinity Kids Malaysia, the following overview provides some terrific insights into the teaching philosophies behind this exceptional program.

Trinity San Yu

At Trinity San Yu, they believe that the mastery of Chinese goes beyond speaking Mandarin. Children attending their program will be equipped with a solid foundation for Chinese primary schools in Malaysia and inspired with a lifelong love for the Chinese culture. Through their unconventional approach to learning Chinese, children in this program will be exposed to Chinese history, Classic Literature, Traditions, Character building and dynamic opportunities to build spoken proficiency.''

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