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My Son Shows Vast Improvement

Our son M (just turned 24 months) used to attend gym classes and another program (nanny accompanied). We then decided that it was time M was exposed more socially, so we started looking at various playschools. We took M for several trial classes but we just could not find the right one.

Some were (to our opinion) not clean and some had staff that were not genuinely warm and attentive to the children’s needs. It was obvious it was just a task to them. We wanted a place where:  o        M would genuinely be taken care of in the 3 hours he was at the playschool;  o        M would be more exposed socially and he could interact with other kids;  o        And a place that would lay the right foundation in M as we hoped it would be a successful start to his academic future. 

We finally found the perfect place for M to grow, explore and learn and that place is in Trinity Kids’s. The teachers are warm, the environment is so clean, happy, cheerful and nurturing and most important of all, M was comfortable. 

We enrolled him and he started on 5 January 2015. Like any other child, on his first day he cried so badly when he was dropped off. But as we hid at the entrance to allow the teacher to take him in, we were once again convinced we picked the right place. We saw how his teacher carried him, consoling while cleaning off his tears and calmly soothing him. He soon settled down. 

After the next 2 days, he was so easy to be dropped off saying “see you soon mummy…bye..”. That’s when we were once again convinced of our decision being right. Our M is happy. 

He has now only been there for 2 months plus and on weekends he asks “where teacher?” as we repeatedly explain it’s their day off. 

In these 2 months, he has changed so much form being all clingy to an independent little boy. He shakes hands with people he meet, he sits calmly during meals, and even says sorry when he realizes he’s done something wrong or has accidentally hurt his little brother. These are all so important to us especially since we both work and cannot provide 100% attention and care for M ourselves. That’s just his social development. 

As for his academic development, he has also recently been able to identify some numbers, when we are in the lift he goes “2 mummy, 2…..8 daddy, 8,…..”. He can also identify many animals and some alphabets now. 

We are so impressed with his accomplishment in just 2 months. All in we are totally impressed with M’s accomplishment in terms of his character and knowledge. 

Thank you, Trinity Kids. We could not have found a better place for M. And without a doubt, we are enrolling our little J who just turned 5 months into the parent-child enrichment program. 

Sharan, Mother of Two Children at Trinity Kids


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