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First glance and I was smitten

'Trinity Kids Malaysia (non-parents accompanied program)

It is a Nursery, Playschool, and also a Preschool all in one center, led by a team of teachers and nannies. It’s a program that offers a holistic activities and curriculum, whole hearted care and even down to a wholesome diet.They have been voted by Malaysia parents as ‘Best Baby Development’, ‘Best Playschool’ and ‘Best Preschool’ and featured on Business FM 89.9, The Star, The Edge and NTV 7.

I went to Trinity Kids at The Verve, Mont Kiara to see it for myself, this award winning early childhood education center.

First glance and i was smitten. The facility is spotless and they have a strict level of health policy. Whatever it is, safety and hygiene comes first. You can have a million dollar education program but if your kids constantly get sick in school it is as good as useless.

Daisy brought me on a tour, to the nursery, the classrooms, the playground, the kitchen… I also met her two adorable kids at there. Daisy told me that when she first moved here from overseas, she couldn’t find any daycare of preschool that met her standards in KL. So she started one herself that she would send her own kids to.

Junya’s classes are for babies from 4-14 months old, where he learns sight reading, vocabulary, chord and notes recognition, numeracy… etc. Of course i didn’t expect him to be able to solve calculus problems and write poems within 3 months of learning la. Most of the time he just wants to crawl over the toy box and try to pry the lid open -___-.

But what i did notice was that he has opened himself up to strangers. Maybe the separation anxiety phase is naturally fading off too as he grows to be more sociable, but i can see that he is having fun. And every mom will agree with this: seeing your children’s happy faces, you will continue to do whatever made them so, and it’s all worth it.'

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