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EXPLORE and EXPAND child's horizon

Our daughter A has now spent nearly 1 year with TKM (Eco Sanctuary). While there were interruptions due to Covid19 this year, we are very happy with her developments this year. As with every new parent, we were looking for the best environment for her to grow as we struggle with learning to deal with a 3 year old going through different phases of going to school.

We appreciated the teachers showing their kindness in putting up with our anxiety when we couldn't figure out why A just decided that she doesn’t want to go to school after the Chinese New Year. While we got advice from everyone, ultimately what we needed was the patience from the teachers as we worked through it.

Covid19 has thrown everyone’s schedule and plans off in 2020. We are grateful for the effort from the school and teachers to improve their digital class offerings. No one gets it right the first time round but TKM has taken feedback from the parents and we can see improvements in the way the classes are conducted.

Ultimately, one of the most important things for us is that the school allows our little one to explore and expand her horizon. The new theme every week continues to keep her interested as she learns about different cultures and values. We are also impressed by how education can still be taken beyond the classroom with the digital field trips being offered in the midst of Covid19.

We hope the school will continue to evolve and grow to bring the best they have to offer for our little one.

Thank you!

Daddy A & Mommy SA

(Child A, N1 Eco Sanctuary)


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