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A Parenting Workshop:

Primary School Selection

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Trinity Kids’ Impact: Primary Success.

"I want to say thank you to all Trinity Kids’ teachers. Thanks to the school for the education and care of our child in the past few years. Our child grew up healthily and happily in your care, every bit of his progress is the result of your hard work. Today he is able to do well in primary school and received a prize!"


-Mummy C


Workshop topics:


The Malaysia education landscape:

-Schooling choices in Malaysia

-Types of curriculum

-Understanding pathways & options


National school application guide &

important deadlines


Popular parents' strategy & how it may

suit your child

A Parenting Workshop:

Day 2: How to Raise a Multilingual Child


Musician Suzuki believes every child can master a musical instrument just like every child can master his/her mother tongue.


The key is to create a conducive environment for mastering anything you set your heart to. In this video,


Daisy shares how to create the foundation to raise a multilingual child.

How to Raise a Multilingual Child

How to Raise a Multilingual Child

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Day 3: A Solid Start to Weaning

When is the right time to start solids?

How much food is enough, and what consistency should it be? Worry about food allergies and intolerances?

Based on the World Gourmand Awards Family & Children categories winner, Right From The Start by Daisy, we bring to you a video on weaning your baby and creating a safe and flavourful start to solid food introduction.

Thank you all for watching our videos, it's been a joy for us to connect with you and we hope that you’ve been finding our videos helpful so far.


We spiced the mid-week up with another giveaway! We’d like to make your parenting journey even more meaningful with a set of Little Freddie organic baby food pouches and sachets, courtesy of our amazing partner Little Freddie Malaysia.