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Trinity Kids Malaysia presents


Wonder Week!

7 - 13 September 2020

Trinity Kids Malaysia is ecstatic to introduce Learning Wonder Week, a week-long learning journey consisting of short videos on child development and education. The theme for this year's Learning Wonder Week is "Early Years" - celebrating and learning the wonders of a child between 0 to 6.


We have also hosted a LIVE Music Party with Harmony Road Music School and a LIVE premiere of a virtual Enrichment Field Trip to the Lang Tengah Turtle Watch for all to join.

A range of interesting prizes was also given away during our Facebook Giveaway Contest (from 7 to 13 Sept), which featured some of the most well-loved brands by our families.

Day 1: Baby Relaxation & Bonding

Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 10.34.35

Before a baby speaks, they can communicate with us through their cries, sleep cycle, body cues and dietary patterns. In turn, they will receive our communication through our speech and touch. We hope to share this video by Ka Vian (Child Development Specialist & Baby Massage Instructor) on how to use touch to relax your baby and deepen the bond between you.

To kick off the week, we hosted a fun giveaway with our wonderful partner from Pigeon Malaysia! We gave away a variety of products from the Pigeon Newborn Pure series to one lucky parent.