Trinity Kids Malaysia presents


Wonder Week!

7 - 13 September 2020

Trinity Kids Malaysia is ecstatic to introduce Learning Wonder Week, a week-long learning journey consisting of short videos on child development and education. The theme for this year's Learning Wonder Week is "Early Years" - celebrating and learning the wonders of a child between 0 to 6.


We have also hosted a LIVE Music Party with Harmony Road Music School and a LIVE premiere of a virtual Enrichment Field Trip to the Lang Tengah Turtle Watch for all to join.

A range of interesting prizes was also given away during our Facebook Giveaway Contest (from 7 to 13 Sept), which featured some of the most well-loved brands by our families.

Day 1: Baby Relaxation & Bonding

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Before a baby speaks, they can communicate with us through their cries, sleep cycle, body cues and dietary patterns. In turn, they will receive our communication through our speech and touch. We hope to share this video by Ka Vian (Child Development Specialist & Baby Massage Instructor) on how to use touch to relax your baby and deepen the bond between you.

To kick off the week, we hosted a fun giveaway with our wonderful partner from Pigeon Malaysia! We gave away a variety of products from the Pigeon Newborn Pure series to one lucky parent.

Day 2: How to Raise a Multilingual Child


Musician Suzuki believes every child can master a musical instrument just like every child can master his/her mother tongue.


The key is to create a conducive environment for mastering anything you set your heart to. In this video,


Daisy shares how to create the foundation to raise a multilingual child.

Day 3: A Solid Start to Weaning

When is the right time to start solids?

How much food is enough, and what consistency should it be? Worry about food allergies and intolerances?

Based on the World Gourmand Awards Family & Children categories winner, Right From The Start by Daisy, we bring to you a video on weaning your baby and creating a safe and flavourful start to solid food introduction.

Thank you all for watching our videos, it's been a joy for us to connect with you and we hope that you’ve been finding our videos helpful so far.


We spiced the mid-week up with another giveaway! We’d like to make your parenting journey even more meaningful with a set of Little Freddie organic baby food pouches and sachets, courtesy of our amazing partner Little Freddie Malaysia.

Day 4: All You Need to Know about Singapore Math

Singapore Math is internationally recognised as an excellent approach to mastery of mathematics.


Students of Singapore Math rank high on the PISA international benchmarking. Hence we choose to offer Singapore Math in our preschool program and also offer it as an enrichment program.


Why is Singapore Math so different?


How does it help our child who would be studying Malaysia national curriculum or other international curriculum?


Singapore Math Academy Founder, Brenda Ang, shares with us a fantastic summary on Singapore Math.

Day 5: Language Mastery for Kindergarteners - Reading

Best Early Reading Program 2019

In our 4-6 years old Preschool stage, we adjust our pace from play-based to skills mastery to help our child with a robust yet fun-filled pre-primary preparatory program. Reading and writing are two key skills outcomes essential to excelling in primary school.


In these two videos, we share how to nurture competent readers and also guide your child on writing.

Day 5: Language Mastery for Kindergarteners - Writing


Is hand-writing important in a digital era? Is it important for my child to develop hand-writing skills?

Hand-writing is fundamental in building your child’s future literacy. How? Watch today's video to find out more!

Facebook LIVE: Music Party with Harmony Road Music School

Facebook LIVE session on 12 September, Saturday 4pm - 4.30 pm

Many parents consider learning music as a key enrichment program for their child. When is a good time to start? Should a child start with a foundation course or an instrument-based program?


We believe music is a key language that every child should master for cognitive and emotional development. Hence we adopt Harmony Road curriculum in our core preschool program and hope this provides a good foundation for our students to proceed deeper and further on their future musical pursuits.


In this live event, the Director of Harmony Road Asia, Ng Mei Fong, invites parent and child to join her on a demo/ trial class of a Harmony Road group program. This is open to all Trinity Kids parents and public with child from age 3 years old.

In appreciation for everyone who’s participated and connected with us this week, we have given away a Jujube Core Convertible 4-in-1 Diaper Bag to one (1) lucky winner! This video is also available on the Trinity Kids' Facebook page.

FACEBOOK LIVE PREMIERE: The Incredible Life of A Sea Turtle