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Our History


Trinity Kids (previously known as Baby Jumper Gym) was set up in 2011 and its first term commenced officially in 2012, with its first branch in Publika Shopping Gallery.

Daisy Ng, the Founder and Chief Education Officer of Trinity Kids, was trained in economics and as an investment banker in London. She lived in numerous countries before moving to Malaysia after having her first child.


As a young working mother, she visited over 11 daycares and preschools to place her child. Finding none that fulfilled her belief in early nutrition and learning, she decided to set up her own school built on three principles:

A) Providing child-centric, family-centric Family of Solutions, 

B) Multi-lingual, Creative Curriculum and 

C) Dedication to nutrition and optimising a child's potential.


Trinity Kids became Malaysia’s first Playschool and continuously defines learning through play.


Since establishment, Trinity Kids has been featured in media and won 60 education awards namely, ‘Best Playschool’, ‘Best Preschool’, ‘Best Kindergarten’, ‘Best Baby Development’, ‘Best Infant & Toddler Program’, ‘Best Early Nutrition Center’, ‘Best Enrichment Center’ among others.

Trinity Kids specializes in operating within commercial space and became one of the first schools that operate successfully within a shopping mall in KL. This is built on the school’s belief in providing solutions and improving the quality of life for families. Bucking the trend of a drive-to culture in Malaysia, Trinity Kids creates a lifestyle one-stop-shop solution for busy, urban families.

Daisy is Malaysia’s first Dr. Sears Health Coach, focusing on family nutrition and prenatal well-being. She is the author of ‘Right From The Start’, a child development and nutrition book that won ‘Best Parenting Book’ and ‘Best Early Nutrition Book’ in the 2016 Mama Papa BabyTalk Readers Choice Awards. Having grown up in Singapore, Daisy is a graduate from River Valley High School and Raffles Junior College, and her alma maters play strong influence in her passion for driving bilingualism. She holds her first degree in Economics from University College London, a Diploma in Montessori Early Years Education and is currently pursuing her postgraduate degree in neuroscience and education.


Today, Trinity Kids remains privately held and intends to extend its reach of service in a quality-centric, sustainable manner across Malaysia and Asia.

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