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Our digital school kickstarted from the first day of the Malaysia Movement Control Order (MCO) with great feedbacks. During the MCO period, we continue to provide e-learning and emotional development of our students, whilst providing support for our parents. 


1. Digital Playschool/Preschool (morning core): All physically enrolled children enjoy free access to our digital school platform for the core morning program. Conversely, all digitally enrolled children are learning from the same syllabus and have access to 'live' school sessions.

2. Enrichment online: we have digitised or help digitise meaningfully popular enrichment programs and allow our curious mind to keep growing, while continuing the same one-stop-shop convenience for parents. Today, we continue to have one of the widest range of digital enrichment programs specially curated for young children.

3. Tuition online: we offer small group learning in specialised subjects dedicated to specific syllabus such KSSR Chinese, KSSR Bahasa, Singapore Math. We offer differentiated levels at frequency (1x, 2x, or 1-to-1) or ability level (normal pace, advanced/accelerated pace for the gifted learners who require more stimulation).

4. Experential Special Class: We reinterpret and continue to enjoy 'field trips', art jamming, parents webinar, celebrations, playgroups and more social events that make school life fun for our children, and supportive for our families.

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