Trilingual Creative School

Three First Languages. Dedicated Performing Arts.


Optimised Individual Potential.

We are on a mission to raise multi-lingual, passionate and compassionate leaders who will impact our world.

Be Kind. Be Great.

Infant Care

2 - 18 months old

The best baby care in Malaysia with the lowest baby:teacher ratio, multi-lingual brain-boosting curriculum and wholesome nutrition.


1.5 - 3 years old

Our popular Playschool phase  with formal early introduction to 3 languages and over 50% of contact time dedicated to creative learning.


4 - 6 years old

The only Preschool with three FIRST languages option for Chinese, English and Bahasa Malaysia. Special focus on Singapore Math.


6 - 12 years old

Your child's safe and creative space to learn Chinese, Singapore math and Music from primary school.

Our Curriculum is a unique blend specially crafted for the discerning parents who wants something more than status quo. 


Three First Languages, Dedicated Performing Arts


Why choose between binary options? 


Chinese has now overtaken English and Spanish as the most common native language in the world, and rapidly increasing the gap of its lead and the next common language (English). Bahasa Malaysia, with its similarity to populous Indonesia's Bahasa Indonesia and collectively, holds a position of importance in the world (10th).


We are the first preschool to provide a Three First Languages curriculum. Right from the start, we provide a multi-lingual immersion. With the right foundation, our child is able to continue and pursue Mandarin as a first language well into preschool and primary school years.


Creative-based, Play-based, Values-based Education


We are on a mission to nurture multi-lingual, passionate and compassionate individuals who will go on to impact our world. We want to raise our children to be kind and to be great.


Besides the linguistic advantage, how does our child grow up to be a strong-minded intellect with a heart of gold and fire in the belly?

As Malaysia’s First Playschool, we re-define learning through play. At least 30% of our daily Playschool session (for all age groups) is dedicated to free play and socio-emotional development. Yes, even the 'big' kids continue learning through play! 

Music & Performing Arts is a pillar of our curriculum from infancy to graduation. Our students gains an excellent early exposure and foundation to music. In addition, performance, showcase and presentation are regular forms of our child's learning journey.


Our innovative, proprietary curriculum is the result of ongoing conversations among teaching team, research team and inspirations from our pupils.


With a team of child psychologists and educators, we infuse psychology concepts and education theories into our holistic curriculum design. We have a successful track record of preparing our children for all streams of primary education, not a mean feat in itself.


Over the years, our pupils have graduated and progressed to top international and national schools.


We recognize that your child is still ... a child, and play is his or her entitlement. We want to preserve the natural curiosity of a child while assisting him in his journey and quest for knowledge.


We promise to keep your child's school days full of joyous learning. We strive to build upon your child’s curiosity, while instilling in him or her a spirit of cooperation, a respect for others and for their ideas, and a satisfaction in personal intellectual growth. We want to fuel that fire in your child's belly, because the journey of learning has only begun for your child.


We value a young child's natural desire to learn through creation and self-expression. At Trinity Kids, we love that your child is unique in his or her own way, and would never want to fit your child in a box or in an assembly line. We want to polish your child like a lamp and help him or her shine as bright as he or she can be.


We want your child to Be Kind, Be Great.


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