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San Yu Chinese Prepschool

Our San Yu Chinese Program blends both KSSR curriculum and cultural studies to offer an engaging way to learn and speak Chinese. 

Our Prepschool is a supplementary after-school program for primary schoolers that provides a secure environment and social-emotional development.

Parents now have the ability to choose either San Yu as an enrichment program or extended care program.

San Yu 三育中文学堂

The mastery of Chinese goes beyond speaking Mandarin. At Trinity Kids, we want to provide our students a solid foundation for Chinese primary schools in Malaysia and inspire a lifelong love for the Chinese culture. Inspire your child to achieve and succeed in Mandarin, not coerce.

Our program focuses on two phases, i) Pre-primary and ii) Primary. San Yu offers Chinese as a first language and as a way of life. The child starts with learning Chinese in a fun and rigorous way. Our San Yu Chinese program offers practical relevance to local Chinese primary curriculum, yet tracks progress internationally.







在2016年,三育中文学堂被BabyTalk Readers Choice Awards 提名为“最佳华文增益课程”

Prepschool 6-12 yrs old

Prepares our child today for tomorrow.

Our child’s mind is a fertile ground of possibilities. Her potential is unlimited, restricted only by her imagination and her willpower.


There are over 2,000 languages in Asia. Bahasa Malaysia bridges the communication with populous Indonesia. Mandarin would undeniably become a passport language in this part of the world. As of 2017, Asia holds the largest share of our world’s GDP with China being the second largest economy. In 20-30 years when our child grows up, this trend is likely to persist and dominate.


As of 2017, at the brink of Industrial Revolution 4.0, jobs are increasingly being automated. Our brains have been reverse-engineered through computers. What differentiates our brain from our mind? Our unique identity, individuality and imagination keep us two steps ahead of the computer.


How do we gift our child with linguistic currency, an strong Asian identity and preserves her natural curiosity?


Imagination allows us to see things beyond the immediate senses. Creativity is the putting our Imagination into ideas. Innovation is applied Creativity into tangible outcomes.


But the success of these eventual innovative outcomes relies on 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Our child needs tenacity, grit and resilience to see her through life’s turbulences.


How do we motivate our child to bravely face and tackle the challenges of her future world?


This is what Trinity Kids Creative Prepschool seeks to achieve.

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