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We conceptualized based on the idea of raising a

Multilingual child

The wider perspectives of our multilingual program nurtures our child to be a creative, resourceful, confident, eloquent person of integrity and grit.

Our curriculum focuses on using

Tri-brain approach

in priming our young minds, health and character:


        Mind: awards-winning trilingual education with

                   Singapore math and neuro training

        Heart: family oriented, values-based holistic

                   education to nurture a whole child

        Gut: wholesome diet designed by a Dr. Sears

                Health Coach, winner of Best Early Nutrition

                Center & World International Gourmand



The Unique Trinity Kids Culture

5 Unique Locations, 1 Unique Culture, 1 Nurturing Environment

2024 Flyer v2-37.png

One of our earliest centers, Trinity Kids @ Verve is a sprawling, spacious,

well-ventilated sunny centre in the

highly accessible part of Mont Kiara.

Verve, Mont Kiara

2024 Flyer v2-38.png

Our very first centre has been specially

re-designed in 2023

as a dedicated space

for our infants, Toddlers and Nursery 1.

Publika #G4-02

2024 Flyer v2-32-32.png

Our newest centre in 2023, Publika Preschool & Pre-Primary centre give our older children extra space to grow and learn.

Publika #G3-50

Artboard 59.png

Imagine a centre amidst nature oasis in the heart of the KL city centre, Trinity Kids @ Linc is a special space surrounded by ancient Banyan trees.

The Linc, KL

Artboard 50.png

Our very first 'house' centre sits at the entrance of the beautiful EcoWorld Eco Sanctuary development.

Eco Sanctuary

Much like the richly diverse environment we live in, Trinity Kids Malaysia aims to recreate a micro view adaptation of the world around us.

One where differences come together to unite, not divide.

We welcome your family to join our community where families & educators work hand-in-hand to create a nurturing ecosystem that empowers any child to reach their full potential.


We are


a member of Plan The Next Gen (TNG) group of schools for children from 2 months old to 12 years old. 

Trinity Kids utilises its proprietary TriBrain curriculum to provides a tri-first languages, play-based, values-based and wholesome education that raises compassionate and passionate individuals for the future.

We are Malaysia's First Playschool, First Whole Brain Preschool, First Stimulative Baby Care, First Dr Sears Health Coach. We are consistently voted by parents in Malaysia as the Best Playschool, Best Private Preschool, Best Baby Development and more.

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Artboard 49.png
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