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A Trinity Kids Original
Every child can be a Super Kid

A Storybook That Embodies Positive Values for Super Kids!



Plant the seeds of optimism through this storybook filled with positive values, and watch your child blossom and embrace the values needed to be a Super Kid.


For parents to read to their children

Designed for parents to read daily to and with their children. Share these special moments with your children on their Super Kid journey.



Free audiobook available for download with every purchase of a Super Kid storybook.


suitable for kids all ages

Every child can be a Super Kid. It's about embracing positive values and being the best version of yourself. 

About The Book

This book is about children going on a journey of self-discovery to become the best version of themselves. The book is filled with positive values for children to discover and embrace, while encouraging them to put into action these values in their daily lives.

Rise and Shine, 

Time to be Kind

Stand and Shake, Time to be Great!

Pay attention to your DAYDREAM,

Listen to the voice in your mind,

You are special the way you are!



Stand up and BE YOURSELF,

Shake off the norm, challenge the status quo,

Be an individual and change our world!

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The Super Kids Philosophy

The Super Kids philosophy is one that is anchored on spreading positive values to children in order for them to embrace these values wholeheartedly. Having the confidence to embrace these values and act on them every day makes these children Super Kids. Positive values set a strong foundation for character-building and promote resilience in children. 

On top of that, we also believe in acknowledging our child's effort instead of his/her trait. This would encourage consistent positive behaviour. 

This bilingual storybook is the first creation under the Super Kids theme. We hope you will enjoy sharing this with your children on their journey towards becoming Super Kids! 

English & Mandarin

A Bilingual Storybook

This Super Kid book is created as a bilingual storybook, in both English and Mandarin. This way, parents get to choose which language they would like to read the story in, or read the story bilingually in one go.

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Values of a Super Kid



shì yǒu chuàng yì

Dear child, I hope you never stop asking why and remain curious from now till you've grown. Appreciate the wonders of our beautiful world and tap into your creative spirit as you make your way in this world. 



 shì guān xīn   nǐ

Dear child, kindness is doing a good deed just because it is the right thing to do. It is not about who the person we are being kind towards is, and it is not about what we will get in return. Being kind shows us what we are made of.  


shì  yǒu  zhì  huì


Dear child, wisdom takes time to develop, but if you start listening more, you will develop wisdom along the way. Wisdom is our inner GPS which will get you far. 



zuò yǒng gǎn de  wǒ

Dear child, being brave doesn't mean there is no fear. Being brave is about holding up the light, in spite of the darkness. It is about not being afraid to make mistakes because you know your intentions are pure and that you will always try again. 



shì   wǒ   ài     nǐ

Dear child, when you were a baby, you were and still are showered with unconditional love. Love has the power to ignite positive changes and fill our lives with abundance. As much as you have received so much love, remember to give and show love to the people in your life. 



zuò  zuì  hǎo  de  wǒ 

Dear child, being great is about being the best version of yourself...for yourself, for your loved ones, and for society. Oftentimes, people mistake greatness as being the best against others. But in order to be the best in any given field, you have to be true to yourself first and have honest conversations with yourself all the time.

Become a Super Kid by Embracing Positive Values
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