SanYu Level 1

An introductory Chinese foundation enrichment program for 3-year-olds.

  • 1 hour
  • Trinity Kids (Online; Available at All Physical Branches)

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学龄前的孩子正处于语言敏感期,在语言学习上具有无比的优势。时机抓对了,学习语言起来就会事半功倍! 三育中文(一级)是一门为三岁小朋友设计的小班制中文启蒙增益班。我们采用了沉浸式的教学方式,以帮助孩子启发学中文的兴趣。教学经验丰富的老师将透过有趣的课程与教材引导孩子掌握日常生活中的会话技巧,简单的认字与书写概念。 为了打造一个可以让孩子全方位学中文的殿堂,我们提供了两种不一样的课程。你可以根据孩子的学习需求,灵活地选择每周一堂或两堂(每堂一小时)的三育中文课。 三育 1A 会话班 - 鼓起勇气 说中文 三育 1B 写字班 - 一笔一画 写中文 孩子与中文环境的相处越和谐,学习成果也会更显著!功课班的选项为孩子营造了一个额外练习中文听、说、读、写的平台与机会。在这额外一小时的课时,老师们也将为孩子们辅导家课,进而减轻家长的负担。 想为你的孩子开启学中文的篇章吗?赶快报名最适合你孩子的配套吧! Young children are natural language acquirers and they are capable of picking up language effortlessly when its introduced early! The SanYu Chinese Enrichment is our flagship program which provides a pathway to KSSR (Malaysia primary curriculum) and HSK YCT (pre-university). Level 1 is a perfect introductory class for 3-4 years old, carefully designed to spark children’s interests in learning Chinese, planting the seeds of a lifelong passion in Chinese. Our teachers are skilful in providing a language-immersive ambient to support children’s language learning. Before you know it, you will be impressed by your child’s excitement about learning and picking up the simple speaking, reading and writing of Chinese! The mastery of Chinese goes beyond speaking Mandarin. Children will need to immerse in an ambient that is filled with all elements of the Chinese language. The language should be heard, spoken, read and written! We acknowledge this by providing TWO choices of lessons. You may choose up to 2 classes a week (1 hour/lesson) of lessons based on your child's interests and learning needs. SanYu 1A Verbal-focused Lesson - Speak Mandarin confidently! SanYu 1B Written-focused Lesson - Read and construct Chinese characters effortlessly! Consistent, continuous and rich exposure is key to language learning. The San Yu Homework Coaching Program offers an hour extension to the popular San Yu Chinese tuition class, by inspiring the love for Chinese language through offering increased exposure to the language, social opportunities in Chinese and guided homework time to alleviate the burden of teaching for busy families whose dominant language is not Mandarin. Interested to kickstart your child’s Chinese learning journey with us? Click the "Register Now" button to enrol!

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