Chinese Tuition Primary 1 (B)

A Chinese tuition program for 7-year-olds.

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这是一门由获奖无数的专业团队所精编的小班制中文补习班。配合着KSSR教学大纲(马来西亚小学标准课程),我们着重于为孩子们提升对中文的掌握及水平。 此课程采用了KSSR一年级下半年的教材,正是为七岁的孩子们量身打造的中文补习班! 小一(B)中文补习班完美地帮助孩子认识及补充更丰富的中文知识,替孩子赶上学校的课业进度。 在每周一小时的在线课程里,你的孩子将获得: 1. 与专业的老师进行线上教学互动 2. 高效、愉快的教学过程,以巩固孩子的听说与认字能力,以及培养阅读及写作的知识 3. 定期的测验及评估,帮助我们了解孩子的学习进度,从而找出需加强之处 4. 课堂练习活动,加强学习 想要重温课程?无法出席线上课程? 别担心!所有直播课程都会被录制。家长们可以在一个月内免费点播,让孩子们随时重温课堂内容、加深记忆。 马上报名,让我们为你孩子的中文学习旅途上点亮一盏明灯。 This is a small group Chinese Tuition Program designed by the team from an award-winning Chinese program, to align with the KSSR syllabus (Standard Curriculum for Primary School in Malaysia). This tuition program aims to nurture your child in mastering the Chinese language. Our Chinese Tuition (Primary 1B) follows the KSSR Year 1 syllabus and materials, covering the topics and content of second half of the year. This is a perfect learning supplement for children who are currently studying Primary Year 1 in national school, to consolidate learned knowledge. With our one-hour live session (once a week), your child will get: 1. Interactive live learning with trained Chinese teachers. 2. Robust teaching techniques to reinforce their Chinese listening and speaking skills and most importantly, to strengthen reading and writing skills. 3. Frequent quizzes & checkpoints effectively assess every child’s progress throughout the program to identify areas of improvements. 4. In-class supplementary activities to reinforce learning of weekly topics Want to revise a learned topic? Missed out on a live weekly session? Fret not! All live sessions are recorded and you will have one-month’s access to these on-demand lessons at your fingertip! Click the "Register Now" button to enrol and start our journey together!

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