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Thank you for our sociable, happy baby!

Hi Daisy. 

As we’re approaching year end, I’d like to put in good words for the teachers at Summer Suites, particularly the Baby class team. They have done a great job in taking care of A. She has grown tremendously, from barely able to sit when she first came to Trinity Kids at 5mo, to a ‘busy bee’ – walking and observing everything around her.

All the teachers have also been very patient in feeding A food. We know it’s not an easy feat, given the fussy eater that she is. Socially, we’re also very happy with how friendly A is (high-fiving everyone she passes by as she walks) and how she shares her food.

Special mention to teacher A. It is very clear to us how strongly A bonds with teacher A. A is truly herself when she is with teacher A, no façade or cover, just being herself like when she is with us.

Lastly, my husband and I would like to thank YOU and the Trinity Kids team for providing a safe, conducive and happy environment for A to thrive. The other teachers, nannies, classmates and even their parents are all very helpful and kind towards A, and I believe the positive school environment encourages such attitude.

These are what my husband and I truly feel. Thank you so much!

Madiha, mommy of a child in the Baby class


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