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Managing Schooling During Covid-19 Period

Covid-19 is a virus disease that disrupts the community because it is one that spreads through contact with an infectious person or the infectious fluid. The prevention of the transmission of Covid-19 requires modification of normal school activities. 


At Trinity Kids Malaysia, we have been at the forefront of Covid-19 best practices in school and safeguarding our children. Our parents and partners lauded us for:


  1. Having a Covid-19 Response Team, clear modified set of safe practices such as contactless, AI-enabled check-in system, contact tracking system, segregation and sub-grouping, limiting of visitors, dual-layer sanitizing of environment, specially built sanitisation at entrance for child and staff.

  2. Well-received Digital School with varied interaction for children and in pace with existing curriculum, so your child’s learning and social development stays on track.

  3. Flexible, Inter-changeable Physical and Digital School attendance to accommodate the fluid work arrangement of parents during the Covid-19 period.

  4. Varied and active Digital Community Events such as digital school trips and celebrations for children, learning programs and interactive sessions for parents.

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Read what our parents say about us:


Download our Covid-19 Protection Tips for Parents

Watch our Community and Digital Events during the Covid-19 period.

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