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Managing Schooling During Covid-19 Period

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Managing Schooling During Covid-19 Period

The years 2020-2022 marked the peak of the Covid pandemic which severely impacted our way of life. Early years schooling required immediate adaptation to the standard operating procedures. The problem was that information was slow forth-coming. We were the first to spring into action by organising a parents townhall.

Together with the brains and passion of our community, we charted our adapted SOP - specially designed sanitization booth at entrance, suitable sanitization fluid, with segregated classes, masking and sanitization, hourly body and temperature check, routine RTK testing, what to do upon discovery of positive case, and many more while maintaining as best we could learning and child development. All of these were ready by the time the first movement control order finished and we were the first to resume child care service with safe adapted guidelines.

Our curriculum development team was able to adapt learning quickly and we were able to provide both quality digital and in-person schooling right from the get-go.

Our robust SOP measures were effective in the prevention of Covid, our maintenance of schooling with flexible and high quality options and supportive financial plans won us the appreciation of parents - our student number grew across both physical and digital schools. In addition, we were awarded the Golden Bull Award and noted for our human resource practices during the period.

In 2023, the attitude towards Covid has changed asymmetrically among parents and increased weight of concern is placed towards children whose development may have fallen behind. Our Covid SOP updates periodically, taking into account surveyed preferences and feedbacks from our families. As of now, masking is encouraged but not mandatory among children, but remain mandatory for teachers and care-givers. Symtomatic checks are done at entry, as with other childhood illnesses. RTK testing is required when a child returns after being unwell.

Early years parenting has its suite of rewards and challenges. Our Covid response is a testament of ability to navigate turbulence, maintain quality education while providing service with heart. This is the Trinity Kids community.


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Testimonials of our parents:

"Thank you for providing M a wonderful and fun preschool journey. We are truly blessed that M was well taken care of. Besides that, I would like to say that you guys are doing so great during this pandemic. Digital learning has never been easy as a start, but all teachers are doing so good! Thumbs up to all. M will definitely miss all his friends and teachers. We truly appreciate all your care for him." Mommy G

There are few people I know who are more driven and determined than Daisy. That has translated into Trinity Kids Malaysia constantly striving to improve its curriculum, processes and environment. The school was a safe and happy place for both my children and they take with them invaluable memories. We appreciate that during these unprecedented times, they have had to adapt very quickly to teach in a challenging environment." - Mommy S N

"Trinity Kids was J’s first school. We are most pleased with how helpful the school was in helping him adapt well to his new surroundings. During lockdown period due to Covid-19, Trinity triumphed in extending learning to our home through the digital program to in-person learning. J’s fun and cheerful personality is a result of people around him. Trinity Kids has most definitely impacted him in a positive way, and he has gained much self confidence for his journey ahead." - Drs B & RC

"This year has indeed placed everyone in a situation that is full of uncertainty, completely unprecedented. However, there is one thing that is absolutely certain to me which is how glad I am that my child is with Trinity Kids during these times. From how fast the school came up with the digital school at the beginning of the year to the constant revamping and changes made to the manner in which lessons are carried out online shows how dedicated the school and the teachers are in providing the best for their students.

When the school was subsequently allowed to open for its students to attend physically, again the school was quick in implementing strict SOPs to ensure the safety of everyone. Throughout this period we were constantly updated with the school’s plan and also measures taken to ensure all these SOPs are followed and carried out. This gave us the confidence to send our child back to school.

I could see my child continue to progress so much this year despite the constant interruption and changes in his school routine. This gives me the assurance that no matter what happens in the near future, he will still be well on track in his education path. Well done Trinity Kids team and keep up the good work!
" - Mommy H



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