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Trinity Kids Malaysia presents

A Learning Wonder Week!

7-13 September 2020

Trinity Kids Malaysia is ecstatic to introduce A Learning Wonder Week, a 7day-long workshop consisting of short videos uploaded daily, each day for a different age group covering popular topics on child development and education. This is great for any parent with children ages 2 months to 6 years old.


At the end of this workshop, we will be premiering a special virtual Field Trip to the Lang Tengah Turtle Watch for all to join, as well as a LIVE consultations.

Do also expect a range of interesting prizes to be won during our Facebook Giveaway Contest (from 25 Aug to 13 Sept), which will be featuring some of the most well-loved brands by our families. Stay tuned for more information on the Trinity Kids Malaysia FB page, and we hope to see you SOON!

A message from Daisy, Principal of Trinity Kids Malaysia

Life After MCO

Life After MCO

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Click on your child's age group above for more information or scroll down to view the other age groups too!

Day 1

All About Babies!

Day 1!

Videos will be available on 7 September, Monday 10am.


On Day 1 of A Learning Wonder Week, we have prepared for you 2 interesting videos on;

  • Baby Relaxation and Massage

  • All you need to know about Starting Solids